Hey all,

How are you today? I hope you’re doing well. Today I am making a quick announcement of a new game server. This game server is, “The Forest.” Most of you are already comfortable with this game and know how intense your adventure can become.

For now, we are limiting admission to the server for security reasons. This will mean you will need to request access or get an invite to play on the server. The password to the server will change every two weeks as well.

While testing the server and playing the game again I had a random gamer log on and wipe all of our buildings with a mod that they were using. A hack I would like to say. Fortunately, the server does backups and we also snapshot the backups separately to another location. This means we have two different backups that can restore any damage that an unsavory character would cause.

“At some point, we will rethink this current security plan and more than likely open the server to the public.”

You might ask? Why keep it password protected? Because that is the way the server will roll for now.

We are looking for dedicated and new The Forest players that want an intense experience. I actively play the server so you will most likely hook up with me if we should go into the caves or you can play alone.

The thing I love about this game is the unpredictable nature of the natives. Watching and studying their behavior has become somewhat of a pastime for me when logged into the server.

At this point let me cut to the chase and add more info for you.

Quick info:

  • Server Rules
  • Connecting IP: – UPDATED 2/25/22
  • Terror Isle Webpage
  • Join our Discord
  • The server is Password Protected
  • You must Request an Invite to Join
  • Difficulty is Normal
  • 15 player slots (Can be adjusted)
  • No perks, just Straight up Jump off the Plane, and Survive!
  • The Server Reboots Daily when Empty
  • Our Game runs on our own Dedicated Server

At some point, we will rethink this current security plan and more than likely open the server to the public. But for now, we are still getting adjusted to the behind-the-scenes of this buggy server software that the devs originally gave to the public. Most of you know that the software is nothing like a RUST or Ark server setup behind the scenes. So it is interesting to work around some bugs and it is not just our server at times but all The Forest servers that are out there.

If and when you want to play on this server then do not be afraid to reach out and introduce yourself. We will be happy to accommodate someone who would like to play on the server. You can reach out through our contact form, discord channel, or contact SixaraTM on Steam. Also, if we shall grow over time then we can adjust the player slots to higher numbers if needed.

You just might make a friend or two in the process! -Six

Hi, I'm Jason! (aka Sixara™) I am an Old School GenX Gamer who has been gaming since my first Pong console and the rest was history!
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