Stream Season 1

I’m thrilled to announce something I’ve been eagerly preparing for – Stream Season 1! I am finally unlocking the media option. Read more!

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Game Servers Closing

This is an announcement that we will be closing down all of our remaining game servers to focus efforts on media content.

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The Forest Server – Terror Isle

How are you today? I hope you’re doing well. Today I am making a quick announcement of a new game server. This game server is, “The Forest.” Most of you are already comfortable with this game and know how intense your adventure can become. 

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Minecraft Server – 8-bit Pixel

We would like to formally announce the launch of our newest Minecraft Gameserver called, “8-bit Pixel.” The server offers one hundred player slots and only one mod at the moment. A brief of the story begins that 8-bit Pixel was once a place of peace during the cycles of day and night.

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As a kid in the 80s, I loved going to the corner arcade. I had one of those cool bikes with the yellow mag wheels and this bike carried me everywhere! From jumping ramps in the cove late at night with my buddies, going to the pet store, the movies, kmart, and the arcade! […]

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UPDATED: DayZ Server – Stalked

Hello, gamers, How are you today? I hope well. Today I announce the launch of the newest DayZ server known as, “Stalked.” Stalked is based on the method of the DayZ process which is will you make a friend, an ally or will you stalk your prey? That is the question. Your prey is a […]

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Rust Server – Badtown

Hello, gamers, How are you today? I hope this new blog post finds you well. Today I am proud to announce the launch of the RUST server, “Badtown.” This is the first game server we have launched this year with the last one being in 2017! Badtown got its name for the fact that it […]

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