Gameservers Closing

This is an announcement that we will be closing down all of our remaining game servers to focus efforts on media content.

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INTERVIEW: Shooting from a camera

How are you this evening? I hope this nice interview will find you well. I suggest getting your favorite drink, snack, and sit back to absorb a different perspective on gaming.
Let us just start with the fact that, “Not all gamers shoot with guns.”

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Latest Update

Hey Gamers, A couple of months ago I sold our home in the Tennessee mountains and we moved back to Florida. Treasure Island, FL! It has been a few months of logistics, moving, packing and all kinds of mess. Now? We have finally landed in our new home and I am rebuilding a new studio. […]

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Hacked Steam Account?

Hey everyone, I have been seeing an alarming amount of folks whose Steam accounts have been hacked. It is understandable that many panic when this happens. First thing to do if this has happened to you is. “be calm” and “breathe.” So what now? You can visit the Unofficial Steam Discord’s support section for questions. […]

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Everything is on Hold

Hey, So I’m going to keep this post brief. I am currently in the middle of moving back home to Florida. Selling the house and all! At this point everything is on hold and will be coming in 2021 instead. I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving with plenty to eat! Keep your masks […]

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UPDATED: Welcome to the website

Hey, Gamers! It has been awhile hasn’t it? I took some major time off due to the birth of my 2nd child in 2017. That beautiful girl s now 3 years old! But, read the FAQ to know more about why I took off for awhile. I’m back! Gaming has been apart of my life […]

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