Welcome to the Land of Golgotha

This Server is archived for historical purposes and no longer online

Hello adventurer!

Are you looking for exploration, a challenge, treasure, and more? Then become a hero or villain in the Land of Golgotha. The Land of Golgotha is a world that has seen more death than birth. Has more ghosts, ancients, and other horrible aberrations than it could count! This was once the kingdom of peace and prosperity but has now been plunged into despair, and death.

Abandon all hope ye who enter!
But maybe you could change that? You could change the fate of this once-proud world. We need you as our next hero, leader, villain, builder, engineer, and others to rebuild our world into order or plunge it into deeper chaos!

We are looking for laid-back Mature Adult players who like a PVP/RPG setting. We have adjusted a few settings but you will not find our world to be a Carebear kind of world!

We have a growing small community that takes votes to improve or remove things from the game as well. Your voice matters in our world!

We would like you to give us a try and see if our world works for you. Join our world, our discord, and become a new member of our community today!

Land of Golgotha FAQ

What is the community like?

The community is diverse. We have heroes, villains, and craftsmen. All kinds. Everyone for the most part seems to get along and everyone plays an active role in changes made to the server.

Do you have an arena?

We are in the process of building one without the use of mods. When the Arena becomes available then you will have an opportunity to fight the arena boss for cash and prizes. The winner of the arena matches will be crowned the server champion who can be challenged by other players in the Arena.

Are there admin events?

Yes, we do host admin events.

The server also has automated events and weekend-only events!

Can you explain Roles and Ranks?

Right now the Ranks are:

  • Citizen – New players (Not well known with basic command permissions)
  • Founders – Original Settlers starting the first week of the server opening. (This title is not obtainable beyond the server’s first week)
  • VIP – Known players of the Admins (With some enhanced permissions)
  • Warlord – Commander, and players who show leadership
  • Great Lord(Players who slay evil and villains of the server)
  • Dread Lord – Players who have shown they only want to murder other players (The true villains of the server)
  • GM – Staff members and Moderators
  • Admins – Server owners and operators with a boring title!

Ranks are earned based on your actions in the world and they are changed at the Admin’s discretion.

What are the commands for Roles and Ranks?

Type /help in chat while logged into the server.

What mods/Plugins installed?

We pride our server on having a few mods to enhance the taste of our Conan World. You will get a better version of the game in our world. Few mods enhance the game and too many mods will ruin the game all the same. You will not find 65 million mods in our world and will not be sitting at a loading screen for 65 million updates either!

These are the currently installed mods:

Do players get perks?

Player Perks

  • Players can ascend past level 300+ and spend constellation points on their character
  • New Players start off with 50 Bronze
  • A paycheck of 25 bronze is paid every 3 days (After the new server period it will be 5 days)
  • Players also get paid while offline
  • Coming Soon! Arena events. Players can fight and compete for prizes against the arena boss, other players and bet on NPC vs NPC!

Some of the perks get additions with the changing of roles! Like Teleporting to a friend. Like /tparequest /tpaccept

Does the server reboot daily?

Kind of and only when the server is empty! The kind of is sometimes the server reboots every couple of days due to players on the server at all hours. We might mandate a rebooting hour daily with ample warning ahead of time.

Does the server get wiped?

We will wipe the server on an as-needed basis and with a warning. We prefer our citizens at least keep their items and buildings regardless of any kind of wipe!

If I have issues how to contact an admin?

We are not hosting forums just yet. So, Send us an email via the contact form or preferably jump into our new discord channel! If it is urgent feel free to message SixaraTM on Steam. Happy to help!

Do I have to join a faction?

No, you do not. You can always come back later to faction hall and find the faction you want to join.

Can I change Factions?

No, once you pick a faction then that is your faction for life. This cannot be changed by an admin either as the devs took that ability away. So if you’re not happy with your current faction you will have to reroll another character.

Why do I see 2 weapons of the same weapon equipped?

Disable the weapon sheath feature in Conan Exiles or the one on Fashionist.

If you have both enabled, it will double up.

How do I turn off the Minimap?

Press Shift M and make your changes.

How many levels can I earn?

You can go up to level 300 and then ascend your character beyond that with constellation points.

Can I ascend my character on this server?

Yes, after level 300 with constellation points.

What happens when I ascend my character?

The game and the enemies will get harder for you. But you will have constellation points to spend to adjust.

Can my base be raided online and offline?

Yes, it can. A vote was proposed to turn off offline raiding and the majority of the community was against us making this change. It was voted down! The answer from the community was to hide your base and get thralls to guard your base from Citizens. (Players)


We have 1 set of Rules that not only Govern the Land of Golgotha but other game servers.

Global Game Server Rules:

The following will get you muted or temporarily banned!

  1. Chat harassment of any kind
  2. Racism/hate speech of any kind
  3. Spamming or not speaking English in global chat
  4. Excessive trash talk in public chat. Use /pm instead
  5. Mutes are warnings, get too many of them and you will get a ban!

Doing any of the following will get you PERMA banned!

  1. Hacking or even joking about it
  2. Advertising other game servers
  3. Talking smack to an admin or any SixaraTM Staff
  4. Posting other folks personal information
  5. Stream Sniping
  6. Racist or pornographic signs
  7. Having previous bans
  8. Ban evading

Or you can visit the global rules page if you’re really into rules?!