Badtown: Minor update

This is a quick update about the status of Badtown. So, we have moved Badtown to our new dedicated server. We have increased the game slots from 150 to 300! We have increased the memory, CPU priority and dedicated a CPU core. Nothing else has changed except for what has just been listed and the IP address.

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Stalked: Massive update

This is a quick blog post to inform everyone about the new and improved DayZ world of, “Stalked.” The original server was running on stressed hardware, had 50 slots, no perks, and was boring vanilla. Some folks actually had a good time on the old Stalked server and we thank you for playing.

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Minecraft Server – 8-bit Pixel

We would like to formally announce the launch of our newest Minecraft Gameserver called, “8-bit Pixel.” The server offers one hundred player slots and only one mod at the moment. A brief of the story begins that 8-bit Pixel was once a place of peace during the cycles of day and night.

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UPDATED: Badtown – Server Updates

Hello, Gamers and Badtown Residents! We have removed all mods from the server, added more player slots, and upgraded the hardware behind the scenes. We removed the mods because there are already more than enough great modded servers in the RUST community. There are not enough Vanilla servers in the community at the moment.  Badtown […]

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Badtown: Server wiped

Hello, Gamers!

This is a quick update on our first successful month and the current state of Badtown. The Badtown server has been officially wiped for the first time! We are also trying a new seed that seems to be pretty popular among other servers. There is more to explore and mostly temperate. […]

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UPDATED: DayZ Server – Stalked

Hello, gamers, How are you today? I hope well. Today I announce the launch of the newest DayZ server known as, “Stalked.” Stalked is based on the method of the DayZ process which is will you make a friend, an ally or will you stalk your prey? That is the question. Your prey is a […]

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Rust Server – Badtown

Hello, gamers, How are you today? I hope this new blog post finds you well. Today I am proud to announce the launch of the RUST server, “Badtown.” This is the first game server we have launched this year with the last one being in 2017! Badtown got its name for the fact that it […]

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