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Welcome to Alpha Land!

An Ark Survival Ascended Server

A place where your keen wit is needed to survive in a treacherous place of Dinos, Alpha Dinos, and more!

This is where you forge new relationships with other citizens, form valuable alliances, or declare war on your enemies. Your choice!

Will you be the next alpha male or female? or will you be the new Extinct?

We have several popular mods to enhance your experience. As well, we have gathering set at 2.5, baby maturity halved, eggs halved, and many more tweaks.

We are a friendly community so join us today!




Status: Online

Player Slots: 100


Web Page:





We will be hosting server-only contests. Click here and find out how you can enter!

The following will get you muted or temporarily banned!

  • Chat harassment of any kind
  • Racism/hate speech of any kind
  • Spamming or not speaking English in global chat
  • Excessive trash talk in public chat. Use /pm instead

Doing any of the following will get you PERMA banned!

  • Hacking or even joking about it
  • Advertising other game servers
  • Talking smack to an admin or any SixaraTM Staff
  • Posting other folks' personal information
  • Stream Sniping
  • Racist or pornographic signs
  • Having previous bans
  • Ban evading





Check out our Support Portal to answer any questions or find help to a problem you might have with the server. 

Click here




Ark: Survival Ascended is an action-adventure survival video game developed and published by Studio Wildcard. Wikipedia




Are you enjoying the server? Are you curious how to help us keep it going? 

The server expenses are $230.00 a month. I f you feel inclined to support us then click here and make mention in your contribution of GAME SERVER. 

Thank you!