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We have made some massive and beyond the tipping point updates to the Stalked DayZ server for the last few days. I am going to cut to the chase and list the new mods, continued mods, and hardware updates.

Installed Mods 

Hardware Changes 

  • We have dedicated another CPU core bringing us up to 3 cores! Again, more available if needed!
  • CPU priority is currently set to High and we can move that to realtime if needed!
  • The server HDDs are now SSD drives for a smoother gameplay experience!
  • Our Dedicated server is located in a DC in Dallas, Texas

Player Perks have not been changed!

Every New spawn and Respawn will find the following in their inventory:

New Perk

  • Once you sign into an ATM then you will be added to the Paycheck roster. Not only will you be able to deposit and withdraw your money but now you get paid periodically while you play here!

Thank you to all of you loyal players who have enjoyed Stalked and played enough that this update was possible.

This update brought more things to do like building a base, flying a helicopter, and quality of life changes within the game. Most of these were requested by you and some were added by us. The end result is that we listened to you as we always do.

Oh, and off-topic but we are entertaining the thought of a Stalked #2 server taking place in Livonia. Let us know your thoughts! 

Known issues and wants to be addressed in 2022:

  • Helicopters can’t be purchased from vendors (We may add this and if we do then the price will be high to prevent abuse)
  • We will be adding the Expansion with vehicles in the future – DONE!
  • Some waypoints appear higher in the air than others
  • King of the Hill mod is still being considered for addition but was passed up during this update because of limited time! (Let us know!)
  • Notifications mod will more than likely be added – (There was no time to add during this update)
  • Basic Map mod may replace the VanillaPlusPlusMap mod to be more compatible with Basic Territories
  • Add custom loading screens
  • Move Mortys Weapons to the Gun vendor from the Gun Accessories Vendor  = Done!

Connection and Server info:

  • Connection IP:
  • 127 Player Slots
  • Map: ChernarusPlus
  • Visit the Stalked Web Page

You can find answers to many questions on the Stalked web page FAQ.

Thank you to all of you loyal players who have enjoyed Stalked and played enough that this update was possible. Without many of you then this server might have suffered the same fate as our previous RUST server. But we are all DayZ fanatics enough and so are you that this could not happen! A huge Thank you!

As well, please accept my personal Thank you to Kodiak1971 who is the number one, original, and long-time supporter of this server. Another Personal thank you to “Rikatimtim and his crew” who is another heavily involved group of players who have contributed massive feedback, support and are the first to let us know if something is wrong! All of you are amazing!

We hope you folks have fun and enjoy the new additions to the server. You might even see some Zombie Santa’s running around. Seriously, If you plan to play here then we suggest you join our Discord channel if you should need assistance.

Merry Christmas! -Six

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