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How are you? Well, I hope.

Today’s business is to do with the Badtown RUST Server.

We will be shutting Badtown down.

As many already know we have our own dedicated server that runs all of our game servers. Each game server takes resources from the main server. The main server is well equipped but why waste the resources on a game server that is not doing so well? Badtown? What a concept but it is not doing as well as our other game servers.

“The last patch of RUST pushed memory limits to an even more insanely high”

Personally, I have issues with the “new” and “improved” RUST. Like many of you, I was there and even hosted a server back in 2013 when RUST was hitting the scene. Ironically that server was popular and I made a couple of long-time friends. The game played and ran much differently back then than it does today. The loading of assets is something the old RUST did quite well. The new RUST as many of you know takes a while and even on SSD etc. You might say, “get a faster rig bro” and there is no need as I have a very fast rig already. When one logs onto DayZ the loading time is nothing slow like RUST. I understand that the engines are different between the two games but seriously DayZ sets a good standard of loading a multiplayer gaming session. So many other games load their games fast enough.

What makes RUST so special that it can take up to 5 minutes to load into a game on any kind of computer? I mean this is not the 90s and we are all not using 486DX-2’s or Pentiums anymore.  You say, “I load into RUST within a minute.” Congratulations to you for loading a RUST session so fast!  I can guarantee the vast majority of other gamers are not so fortunate as you and your super-rigged computer.

I have a history of a love-hate relationship with this game. Look back on my past server posts of more than 2 years ago.  It was the original survival game IMHO that started a generation of survival games. Now we have different concepts of what a survival game is and how it should play out. But IMHO RUST started and is still the Father/Mother of all things online survival gaming.

While I have hit at the mechanics of RUST this is far from why we are taking Badtown down. The last patch of RUST pushed memory limits to an even more insanely high than I have seen. RUST is memory-hungry more than any other game server I have had the pleasure to work on.

Our DayZ server has started to grow and we will be focusing more in this direction. We are not done adding game servers but the time has come for us to begin tweaking the servers we have before we add more games.

Once again, as far as the other games? They are doing fine. -Six

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