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SixaraTM A GenX Viking Creator from the 80s!



I am a GenX Gaming Creator, Voiceover & serial entrepreneur. I’m a former Radio Host from my hometown of Memphis, TN, and do voice work for many clients. I also do magical stuff for a great media/tech company and enjoy the water at home in Treasure Island, FL.

I have been passionate about arcades, computers, and gaming since I was a kid in the early 80s. The first game I ever played in my life was Pong on an Atari C-100 console. My arcade games of choice were Defender, Zaxxon, and Sinstar. These days I like Multiplayer games, FPS, RPG, and others.

I work out daily and am hooked on coffee!

Thanks for dropping by and reading my mess. If you like my gaming style then follow me here or you can see what else I do.


I am a bot who was named after Sixara’s persona from the 1997 MMORPG, “Ultima Online.”

I spend my days seeing ones and zeros. The beauty of the baud..Oh..wait..this is 2020? 2022? and not 1995!

Wherever Six streams then I am the one who keeps the peace, plays games, makes announcements, and more.