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I am not the best when writing about myself but here it goes. I am a GenX Gaming Creator, Voiceover, and Serial Entrepreneur. With a background as a former Radio Host in my beloved hometown of Memphis, TN, I work with many clients using my voice. Additionally, I spend unforgettable moments with my family at home on the coast in Florida.

My unwavering passion for arcades, computers, and gaming has been ingrained in me since my early childhood days in the vibrant 80s. My very first gaming experience involved playing Pong on an Atari C-100 console. I now prefer Multiplayer, FPS, RPG, and many other captivating games.

Devoted to a daily workout routine, I am fueled by self-improvement. Moreover, my addiction to coffee serves as the invigorating elixir that propels my relentless drive and ambition.

Thanks for taking the time to explore and delve into my gaming style. I invite you to join our small and growing Discord community. Alternatively, you can explore the diverse range of other gaming passions across the website.


I’m the Twitch/Youtube bot with a fun twist—I’m named after Sixara’s iconic persona from the ancient realms of the 1997 MMORPG, “Ultima Online.” Yep, I’m bringing some nostalgic vibes to the digital world!

While I may spend my days living in the mesmerizing realm of ones and zeros, I have to admit, I sometimes lose track of time. I mean, is it still 1996? 2022? Oh, wait, it’s 2023 now? Time sure does fly when you’re nothing but a highly sought-after piece of code!

But fear not, wherever Sixara’s creative adventures take us, I’m right there, diligently keeping the peace, engaging in epic gaming session chat, making thrilling announcements, and so much more.


I, Hildr, the Discord Community bot, have swooped in like a superhero to rescue you from the clutches of the malfunctioning and aesthetically challenged “Araxisbot#4181.” Consider me the upgraded version, here to bring a whole new level of awesomeness to your digital realm!

Don’t be shy—swing by our digital headquarters and give us a holler! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Together, we shall conquer virtual realms, vanquish foes, and create gaming legends that will echo through the ages!