The Outlaw Republic Falls

Hey, Gamers! We have had many months of fun on the Outlaw Republic. Unfortunately, I will be taking the server down soon. I am not going to get into detailed specifics of why the server is going down. A couple of points: I have lost passion for this game after reading about Pyston cleaning out […]

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Outlaw Republic 6.0

Hello, Gamers! The wipe has happened and the new mod has been installed! The Outlaw Republic universe has grown! Here are the changes: We now have almost 200 planets and moons A new scenario has been added called, “The Lost City Of Sol“ Many new custom POIs and alien factions Custom Alien CVs that roam […]

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Empyrion 6.0 and Outlaw Republic Wipe Event

Hey, Gamers! How are you? I was recently told that 6.0 would be out next week on June 7th! Are you excited? I am! Due to the nature of this upgrade, the server will be wiped. The good news is, we are getting 6.0 with new features, functions, the server mod is getting an upgrade […]

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The Slaughterhouse and other POIs

BulletSlinger of the Bullet Faction has donated us a massive base and it is located on the planet Dexter. First off, Many thanks to BulletSlinger for your generous donation that you worked very hard to build! But, the real truth is…..Bullet Slinger was forced to retreat from his rather HUGE Dexter Mega complex due to an alien invasion!

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Outlaw Republic Messenger

Hey, Gamers! Just a few updates about the server and what direction we will be taking with the eventual release of Empyrion 6.0. As many of you know the devs of Empyrion will be eventually releasing 6.0! Woohoo! Yeah, we are all excited to see what they have added, changed and look forward to engaging […]

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Outlaw Republic Update

Hey, Gamers! Many of you have noticed issues with the planets in the last couple of weeks. Weird HV movements, ships shooting to orbit from the planet below and general weird rendering of temperate planets like Akua. I have found the issue with what is going on. Our content folder was recently refreshed by our […]

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News from the Outlaw Republic

Hey, Gamers! So the server has been growing and I do mean growing! Last night we had almost nine space travelers who have chosen to call the Outlaw Republic their home. Thank you, everyone, for your support! Last night we had an issue as Akua residents woke up on the Planet Marlow with no base […]

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