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How are you? I was recently told that 6.0 would be out next week on June 7th! Are you excited? I am! Due to the nature of this upgrade, the server will be wiped. The good news is, we are getting 6.0 with new features, functions, the server mod is getting an upgrade and the player slots will be increased to 50!


Wipe Event: (UPDATED 6/4/2017) All Items are marked in red. 

Ibleed49erblood a resident of the Outlaw Republic recently made the suggestion that we have a wipe party. This party is a “free for all space battle” for anyone who wants to have some, “before the wipe fun!”

The Date: 6/6/2017

Time: After 10 p.m. est

Where: Skillon space

What do I do?: We will meet up in orbit over Skillion. (If you get lost and cannot find the group then wait at Skillon Admin trading station) I will start a 5-minute countdown meaning everyone will have 5 minutes to go far away in Skillion space to hide or set up your position. After the 5 minutes is up then anyone in Skillion space is KOS by any other player. The hunt will begin! I will be the referee during this event so I will not be firing on anyone. Make sure your turrets are turned off when all of us meet!

Spice it up: Faction members may attack each other if they so choose! It still might come down to this if a faction wins the event. We need a last man/woman standing to have a winner!

Admins: Bobe will be participating, SixaraTM will be the referee and will not be participating. Valzareh will not be present.

Communication: Those folks participating must join us in our Discord chat to keep up with what is going on in the event. (Plus, we do not want the global chat spammed)

Tell me more!: Oh, it gets better! The last ship still flying and the player that is still alive will win a $20 Steam gift card provided by SixaraTM Gaming!

What if everyone dies? Then we will meet in my Twitch chat room and let the Bot raffle off the Steam card.

So mark your calendars for this fun event!

The Update – 

The day 6.0 is released the server will be down for a few hours. I will need to get the new mod and update it with the server files. I will also be testing the Outlaw Republic Universe before it all comes back online for you folks who make up this awesome community we have already!

Resupplies for regulars – (UPDATED 6/4/2017) All Items marked in red. 

From 6/8 – 6/12 – You regulars may request the STG faction and ask for supplies to rebuild faster!

The Supplies will be:

  • 500 of each ore
  • All T2 tools
  • One small HV miner

Offer Qualifications:

  • Your faction must have been listed in the factions list before the wipe
  • Your name will also be known in that faction. (In other words, we will know who you are whether we talk or not)
  • This offer is only available to Outlaw Republic Alpha 5.5 survivors
  • Offer can only be claimed once and within the dates of 6/7 – 6/11

New Server Admin –

Also, please welcome Bobe as a new admin of the server! Bobe has run some very popular 7 Days to Die servers in the past and currently runs the Duracore Experiment. He is very skilled with server admin duties and we are lucky to have him. Welcome, Bobe!

Thank you for making The Outlaw Republic a fun place!

Any questions? Let me know via the forums, Discord or contact form.

Are you new to the Empyrion Outlaw Republic? Join us @

Game On! -SixaraTM

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