Stalked – Version Two

We have updated the stalked DayZ server with some new and big mods. All for your enjoyment! Check out the latest update!

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Badtown: Shutting down

Today we say goodbye to the Rust server, Badtown. Out of all of our servers, this one was the most unpopular.

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The Forest

Today we are reviewing The Forest. This game folks is IMHO The real deal. But, more on that later. Let’s get started, shall we? You’re flying on a commercial airplane and something happens causing the plane to crash on a remote island in the middle of the ocean. An island…

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The Forest Server – Terror Isle

How are you today? I hope you’re doing well. Today I am making a quick announcement of a new game server. This game server is, “The Forest.” Most of you are already comfortable with this game and know how intense your adventure can become. 

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INTERVIEW: Shooting from a camera

How are you this evening? I hope this nice interview will find you well. I suggest getting your favorite drink, snack, and sit back to absorb a different perspective on gaming.
Let us just start with the fact that, “Not all gamers shoot with guns.”

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Badtown: Minor update

This is a quick update about the status of Badtown. So, we have moved Badtown to our new dedicated server. We have increased the game slots from 150 to 300! We have increased the memory, CPU priority and dedicated a CPU core. Nothing else has changed except for what has just been listed and the IP address.

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Stalked: Massive update

This is a quick blog post to inform everyone about the new and improved DayZ world of, “Stalked.” The original server was running on stressed hardware, had 50 slots, no perks, and was boring vanilla. Some folks actually had a good time on the old Stalked server and we thank you for playing.

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