FAQ - SixaraTM Gaming and Media


Content Creation

Would you be interested in collaborating?

I welcome collaborating with other Creators. Hit me up and say hello!

Game Servers

How can we financially support a server?

Thank you for asking and your willingness to keep us going. Click here to find out more about how you can help!

When will the new game servers be deployed?

They are both active. Ark Survival Ascended and TF2. We might bring back an archived server or add another game world in the future. 

I need help!

You can find help for the servers in the Support Portal. If you can’t find your answer there then contact us in Discord.


What kind of Voiceover do you record?

I focus on voicemails, audio books and pretty much any project that a voice can enhance.

What is your all time favorite game?

My all-time favorite game would be System Shock 1. The graphics were not the greatest but the story was intense.  It is still available to play.

What does Sixara mean as a name?

Nothing. Just me.

In the 90s I always went by Araxis in all my online endeavors. When I started going public with gaming in 2015 I wanted to keep the name Araxis.

But, Araxis is an actual company and I did not want to move in on their likeness. So, Araxis spelled backwards is what? Sixara.

What about you? Tell me in our Discord Server. 

Do you play console games?

Not really. I played them a lot in the 80s and up into the early 90s. The PC in the early 80s and especially when the 486DX2 came out. What about you? Answer in our Discord!

Do you have a voiceover demo?

I do, you can listen to it here.

Did you ever play a game like WOW?

I played Ultima Online in 1997 and started when all the servers opened on the first day. I still remember my first hour in UO, I was chased to a ship and E-bolted/robbed by another player. lol, Fun Times!

UPDATE 2023: I restarted my WOW account so if you want to team up then look up Sixara (Alliance) or SixaraTM (Horde)

Any notable old school games you have played in the past?

Yes! Many. If we are talking between 1995-2005, well:

Tell me. What games have you played? What do you like? Join our Discord to answer!

Last updated: 05/02/2024