You have a Question?


Any notable old school games you have played in the past?

Yes! Many, in fact. If we are talking between 1995-2005, well:

Tell me? What games have you played? What do you like? Join our Discord to answer!

Did you ever play a game like WOW?

I played Ultima Online in 1997 and started the first day all the servers opened. I still remember my first hour in UO, I was chased to a ship and E-bolted/robbed by another player. lol Fun Times!

Do you have a voiceover demo?

I do, you can listen to it here.

Do you play console games?

Not really. I played them a lot in the 80s and up into the early 90s. The PC in the early 80s and especially when the 486DX2 came out. What about you? Answer in our Discord!

What is your all time favorite game?

My all time favorite game would be System Shock 1. The graphics were not the greatest but the story was intense.  It is still available to play.

What kind of Voiceover do you record?

I focus on voicemails and have discovered that people surprisingly do not like to record their own voice.

Content Creation

Would you be interested in collaborating?

I welcome collaborating with other Creators. Hit me up and say hello!

Twitch Channel

Do you Host Giveaways or Contests?


I will be giving away Steam or other platform gaming keys randomly.

The rules for the giveaway (if you really want to be bored) can be found in section 19 of our TOS.

If you skip reading the TOS then here are the minimum requirements to participate:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must reside in the United States of America

I do not make these up as these are compliant with Twitch.TV and Florida local law in the USA.

All giveaways are Free to Enter!

Twitch.TV does not endorse our promotions and is not responsible for them. 

What are the bot commands?

The bot commands can be found living on this page.

What are the Chat Rules?

The rules of the chatroom are pretty simple, see below.

  1. Please keep your language clean.
  2. No Hate-Speech, Anti-Religious, Sexist, Anti-LGBT or Racist comments
  3. No Web links
  4. No backseat driving (Meaning, do not tell SixaraTM how to play the game unless asked)
  5. No begging for items (We have giveaways)
  6. Be positive and have fun!

When do I become a regular of the channel?

Come daily or often. Participate and let’s all get to know each other. That is the easiest way to get regular status.

Twitch Giveaways

What kind of prizes will you give away?

I will be giving away games via Steam. In the future I might add Origin and send Dominos pizza to you!

When do you giveaway games?

Randomly, during active streams.

Website Support

Member Accounts: I am having trouble with my account!

If you are experiencing any issues with your account or this website then contact me and I will help you out. Always Happy to Help! 😉

Member Profiles: How do I add my social links to my profile?

  1. Go to top right corner of website and high light your username
  2. In the drop down menu select, “profile”
  3. Look for the word “Edit” in the menu bar that sits below your photo
  4. Click on “Edit”
  5. You should now see it say “Editing ‘Details’ Profile Group”
  6. Below that you will see a menu that says “Social Media.”
  7. Click on “Social Media”
  8. You will now see link place holders with the social network name and can fill these out.

Here is an example:

New Accounts: When trying to register on the website It appears that I already have an account?

More than likely you were a member of the old SixaraTM Gaming website and your account was migrated.

  1. Hover over the light green person in the top right corner of the website
  2. Click on lost password in that drop down
  3. Enter your email address for the user or your most common gaming username you would have used
  4. Follow directions and check your email

New Accounts: My account was migrated but I do not remember my username or email!

No problem, let me know and I will look up your info. I will delete the account in question and you can re-register on the website or I will gladly create your new account myself. 🙂

New Accounts: I clicked the activation link in the email and it shows me a key?

Right below that key just click, “Activate” and you’re all set. This is a by design last step to take that makes sure you’re human.

Login Issues: I tried to login and was blocked!

My apologies. The firewall is still being tweaked and adjusted to be much more lax for valid members. For a faster response Join our Discord channel and I’ll fix the issue immediately.

Registration: My email keeps getting rejected?

Our system automatically rejects disposable email services. The reason why? Spammer bots love these services and sign up by the hundreds! Try using a well known service such as Gmail etc?

Gaming Links Index

How do I add a link?

  1. Click on “Suggest a Link
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Your link with be reviewed
  4. If approved we will ask for a photo in a jpg/png format with the dimensions of 200×200

How do I review a link?

That function is only available to admins at the moment and not implemented for non-admin users. Remember, the directory is in Beta and this is one feature I will look to add in the future.

Why are there not enough sub categories?

The Gaming Links Index is in a Beta phase. So, more Categories/Subcategories will be added and updated over time.

How often are links added?


What is the directories purpose?

To give Gamers a place to discover and find links to gaming websites they might not have visited in the past.

This FAQ was last updated: 8/05/2021