Latest Update #2

Hey, Gamers and sports fans, (I had an uncle who called everyone a sports fan)

First off, how is everyone? I hope this post finds you well and wherever you may be in the world. If you’re new here then welcome in, brothers and sisters!

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Latest Update

Hey Gamers, A couple of months ago I sold our home in the Tennessee mountains and we moved back to Florida. Treasure Island, FL! It has been a few months of logistics, moving, packing and all kinds of mess. Now? We have finally landed in our new home and I am rebuilding a new studio. […]

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Everything is on Hold

Hey, So I’m going to keep this post brief. I am currently in the middle of moving back home to Florida. Selling the house and all! At this point everything is on hold and will be coming in 2021 instead. I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving with plenty to eat! Keep your masks […]

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ARK Server: Update 5

Ok, everyone. Some folks have asked what has been going on lately with all of these updates. Well, when the devs send out one update usually 2 or 3 more will follow. ARK devs have worked hard to make the game great for everyone and it shows in these latest 6 updates! These are the […]

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ARK Server: Update 4

Hello, Gamers! I have addressed some network issues with the server tonight as well we also added 8 new mods. I hope you find the following mods to your liking! The new mods that have been installed are: Mini Industrial Forge No Collision Structures Pimp My Dino Poisoned Weapons Bridge Giant Compost Bin Beacon Enhancer […]

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