Hey Gamers,

A couple of months ago I sold our home in the Tennessee mountains and we moved back to Florida. Treasure Island, FL!

It has been a few months of logistics, moving, packing and all kinds of mess. Now? We have finally landed in our new home and I am rebuilding a new studio. The studio is almost done and I look forward to streaming on Twitch and other places soon.

The good news? Everything is not on hold anymore! For those of you who have stayed with me during this time? I sincerely thank you!

I hope all of you have done well through this terrible worldwide Covid pandemic. Especially my gamer friends in Brazil. Brazil has had it worse than most other countries with this virus. Regardless, I have been thinking about all of you gamers everywhere and praying for your well being. I especially pray for Brazil.

A week ago I went and received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine. The only side effects I had were light chills that night and a sore arm for about four days. I have felt fine ever since! I recommend you get the shot if you can. Even if you survive Covid it doesn’t mean you will not have long lasting effects from the virus. Just something to think about!

I am now turning my attention back to the Arcadeinn.com website and plan to have it open soon. This website will be focused on old school type games for all of you to play for free. You will have to sign-up to continue using the site at some point but that is free as well. Enjoy, when that website launches!

I am also toying with the idea of turning website membership off. The reason why? The thing is there are so many outlets for us gamers to congregate these days. (Steam, Reddit, & more) Personally, I would love for you to sign up on this website. BUT! The gnawing question to me is why trouble you to create another account somewhere? As well, there have been such a flux of scams going on that folks are afraid to sign up on gaming websites that are not as rep as say, “Kotaku.” Be careful with any unknown, “Sign in with Steam websites.”

I am already looking at Game servers. What would you like to play? Right now I am thinking the main server will be DayZ with a tad of vanilla, Valheim, or Rust? Minecraft will be coming too! Exciting choices. But what would you like to see?

So, what games are you folks playing these days? I am seeing a lot of Valheim gamers out there and love it! That game is pure beauty.

What kind of artwork have you gamer artists been designing? Some of you on Steam are just pure amazing with your artwork!

Oh, and before you ask!? That thumbnail picture of the kid is my youngest daughter Ava Jaslyn when she was just two years old!

Until next time? Peace and Joy!  – Six

Hi, I'm Jason! (aka Sixara™) I am an Old School GenX Gamer who has been gaming since my first Pong console and the rest was history!
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