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BulletSlinger of the Bullet Faction has donated us a massive base and it is located on the planet Dexter. First off, Many thanks to BulletSlinger for your generous donation that you worked very hard to build! But, the real truth is…..Bullet Slinger was forced to retreat from his rather HUGE Dexter Mega complex due to an alien invasion! They took his base! The STG drones have reported heavy casualties and multiple CV wreckages in the area.

The Bullet Faction was taken by surprise and was thankfully able to retreat with 100s of cargo ships escorted by the Bullet Faction fleet. When I asked Bullet why he was not going back his answer was, “We will be back someday.”

This new POI is called, “The Slaughter House.” If you are lucky enough to land anywhere around this base then you will see why it carries this name. There are many species of aliens living here and they will not give this base up without a massive fight! They are all carrying loot and no telling what else you might find! The STG drones have reported multiple Alien Plasma and Laser turrets around the base. You need to take GREAT CAUTION if you go near this base.

Be warned right here and now that this is not a newbie adventure-friendly POI. Be well armed, take a good ship, and be ready for what awaits.

Will this base be your next conquest or your everlasting tomb? It is up to you!

Location: Planet Dexter

Lifeforms: Multiple Alien Species

Base Defenses: Multiple Alien Plasma/Laser

We were unable to get a clear coordinate for this base as STG drone #5487 was destroyed before it could make it to orbit of the planet. This was the drone with the vital coordinates of the base. However, STG drone #394 took multiple pictures of this base and uploaded them as soon as it made orbit. Please view these photos for a better idea of what this massive base looks like.

More in the POI news is that STG drones report that the drone base on Akua has reactivated and is highly dangerous but has great loot. Another MK2 base with an unknown location has been reactivated. drone #187 was unable to retrieve the full name and location but…MK2 of the last POI on Akua. This was due in part to the OS controlling this drone which is,”Windows Vista” which became corrupted.

Many STG Surveillance drones died to bring you this information.

For the new folks! Have you ever played on our Empyrion server? If not then join us on the Outlaw Republic @

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