Hello, Gamers!

The wipe has happened and the new mod has been installed! The Outlaw Republic universe has grown!

Here are the changes:

  • We now have almost 200 planets and moons
  • A new scenario has been added called, “The Lost City Of Sol
  • Many new custom POIs and alien factions
  • Custom Alien CVs that roam the universe and respawn after death

The Lost City Of Sol Story can be found on this page under, “Scenario and Story tab.”

!!The Lost City Of Sol is already running when you start the server!!

The new server settings are as follows: 

  • IP Address:
  • 50 Player Slots
  • Escape Pod Content: Easy
  • Player Progression: Faster – Influences the overall player progression speed by earning more or less XP
  • Amount of Ore: Rich – Influences the average amount of ore that a deposit contains
  • Number of Deposit: Plenty – Influences the average number of deposits per planet
  • Drone Base Attack: Hard – Influences the difficulty of the drone base attacks (infinite waves, number of waves etc.)
  • Drone Presence: High – Influences the overall number of drones that are present on a planet
  • Enemy Spawn Rate: High – Influences the spawn rate of enemy NPCs on a planet
  • Enemy Attack Strength: Hard – Influences the overall difficulty when attacking enemies
  • Constructor Craft Speed: Faster – Influences the overall craft speed of constructors
  • Blueprint Production Time: Faster – Influences the overall production speed of the blueprint factory
  • Easy Anti-Cheat: Enabled
  • Enable Max Block Count: True
  • Planet Count Including Moons: Almost 200!
  • Friendly Fire: On

Just remember, This server is set to hard! Come test your mettle and become a legend! 🙂

Server Location: Chicago, IL


Big thanks to Piddlefoot aswell Vexray for creating this mod and planets. They are both amazing builders as well mod designers. Without them, this universe would not be possible!

Remember, if you’re a regular from the Outlaw Republic 5.5 universe then let us know so we can give you supplies as mentioned here.

If you should have any questions then please let me know!

Have fun and Explore!

Are you new to the Empyrion Outlaw Republic? Join us @

Game On! -SixaraTM

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