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Just a few updates about the server and what direction we will be taking with the eventual release of Empyrion 6.0. As many of you know the devs of Empyrion will be eventually releasing 6.0! Woohoo! Yeah, we are all excited to see what they have added, changed and look forward to engaging this new experience.

Many have asked, “What will become of The Outlaw Republic?” When all of this goes down. We will test and see if we can keep buildings as well as ships but, no promises. This is because there might be some changes in 6.0 that will not accept old bases or ships. Remember that we are playing an Alpha and wipes are not uncommon in Alphas. In fact, aside from the file repairs, that I made recently we have not wiped since February!

If we are unable to keep bases and ships then there will be a server-wide wipe to everything! Even the admin bases as well as ships will be lost! It could affect us all. If there is a wipe then we will all be forced to rebuild. If we all have to rebuild then the STG faction will be on hand to supply our Outlaw Republic regulars with fresh supplies to get you back up and going. We have been watching and know who is constantly playing on the server. No worries!

From what I am also gathering our current planetary mods will be upgraded even more and allow us to possibly have close if not more than 100 planets as well as moons! Our universe is about to expand and evolve.

since we have picked up on population I will also be increasing the player slots from 30 to 50 or more! This will hopefully help us get more folks to play on The Outlaw Republic.

I also would like to welcome all the folks I have not had the pleasure to meet who have been playing on the server, WELCOME! If you ever need an admin then never hesitate to contact STG. I would also like to extend an invite to all of you who are interested in trying us out!

You can find The Outlaw Republic @

In the meantime, we have news that a very nasty POI exists somewhere in the universe. Our STG drones are working hard to bring us back more information and you will be notified here once we get this information.

As for the other POIs, we are working to restore them to their former glory and give you more places to hunt. I will also advise you folks with space stations to be armed! The space drones, alien CVs as well SVs are still active and respawn once they are destroyed.

Game On!


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