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Many of you have noticed issues with the planets in the last couple of weeks. Weird HV movements, ships shooting to orbit from the planet below and general weird rendering of temperate planets like Akua.

I have found the issue with what is going on. Our content folder was recently refreshed by our host Steam with new default Empyrion files that overwrote the mods I had in that folder. They were adding an upgrade to the experimental option and that is why this happened. So, basically what is in the content folder is not the same as what is in the saves folder. I will be taking the server offline later tonight to fix this issue.

I will update the configs and if all goes well then the server will be like it was a month ago.


Can you still play before I fix the issue?

  • Yes! Nothing will change what you own, your ships or your character. I am only fixing the planets and that means the atmosphere/landscape of the planets. In fact, some POIs might come back online. So keep your trigger finger ready!

I apologize for the issue and will get it fixed!

Game On,


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