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So the server has been growing and I do mean growing! Last night we had almost nine space travelers who have chosen to call the Outlaw Republic their home. Thank you, everyone, for your support!

Last night we had an issue as Akua residents woke up on the Planet Marlow with no base or ship in sight. Our host had updated some files to transition to the upcoming 6.0 and because of this Akua was the only planet affected. After some fixes on our side and a reboot of the server, the gameplay went back to normal. If you were an Akua resident and still need a way back home then let me know! Many thanks to BulletSlinger for notifying me of this issue.

Speaking of Akua, The STG faction has moved to the planet Dexter. A planet full of islands and similar weather patterns to Akua. This planet also hosts some of our allies with whom we are excited to call a friend. The alien menace seems to have a slight presence here too but they will be dealt a blow if they get too cocky.

I have been getting questions lately about what to expect with the upcoming 6.0 update. Let me be clear in that I will pursue all options to keep our ships and bases intact. But remember, this game is an Alpha and if I cannot keep our assets then we will have to wipe the server. Wiping the server is the nuclear option and all options will be pursued first before it comes to a wipe.

Remember to keep the changes in 6.0 in mind when building your ship. Especially when it comes to radiation and oxygen delivery throughout your ship. Another tip is to constantly save what you are creating. This way you will get that ship or base back if you lose them.

I had a chance to tour some of the Bullet factions mighty ships and huge base. Amazing work! BulletSlinger has some really mad skills with design and I urge you to check out his stuff in the workshop.

Folks if you need an admin and there is not one on the server then please remember to visit the forums or join us on Discord. You will be helped!

I will also be naming another admin to the server soon. 

Here are the admin requirements:

  • Must be over 18
  • Must demonstrate that you’re community minded (Meaning no abuse towards Outlaw Republic residents)
  • Must be trustworthy
  • Must be somewhat technical minded
  • Must be social (Say Hi, Welcome, and not be annoyed to help or answer questions from the community)

If you would like to try out as an admin then get in touch here or here.

Are you new and wanting to check out our server? Connect to the Outlaw Republic @

Game On!

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