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Today I am proud to announce the launch of the RUST server, “Badtown.” This is the first game server we have launched this year with the last one being in 2017!

Badtown got its name for the fact that it is, “a land of no laws.” The object of Badtown is for a dominant force to move in and take over. This group or clan will draft the laws of Badtown. If other players do not agree to these laws then either a war will break out or the opposing players will stay to themselves. That is really all there is to the theme of Badtown.

We will be wiping the server monthly or every other month. The most dominant group or player from the previous month will be awarded a gun, and 5k in resources each at the beginning of the new roll.

“For the most part I hope to see folks having a good time in the world of Badtown.”

Some folks might interpret this as creating a toxic environment. That is simply not true because RUST already is a toxic game. I would like to see a group of gamers take over that toxic rep and add some organization to the world of Badtown. Whether it be a toxic group or a good group. For the most part, I hope to see folks having a good time in the world of Badtown.

Just to be clear, we do have rules for the server. It is important for you folks to read the rules before visiting Badtown.

Most of the questions for the server can be answered in the FAQ on Badtowns own webpage or by me directly. Always here and happy to help!

Important info:

Feel free to join Badtown. Bring whatever you are and become a part of the latest world blooming in the game of RUST!

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