Hello, gamers,

How are you today? I hope well.

Today I announce the launch of the newest DayZ server known as, “Stalked.”

Stalked is based on the method of the DayZ process which is will you make a friend, an ally or will you stalk your prey? That is the question.

Your prey is a Zed? Good! But what is the ultimate monster in the game? Human. The human can be your friend, crazy, ally, or straight-up kill you. The monster. The human. Is the zed a monster or is the human?

Some of you DayZ vets already know the answer to this question. Each play-through is a different story and that is what makes DayZ’s online experience much more unique to other games.

“Your voice matters too!”

Here are the details of the server:

  • Connection IP:
  • Many mods
  • 50 slots
  • 127 Slots
  • Map: ChernarusPlus
  • Will rotate to Livonia in the future. (That will be another server)
  • Visit the Stalked Web Page

What mods are Installed?

  1. Notes
  2. WindstridesClothingPack
  3. DayZ Community Framework
  4. Mortys Weapons
  5. GoreZ
  6. VPPAdminTools
  7. Trader
  8. VanillaPlusPlusMap
  9. SchanaParty
  10. Saline Bag+
  11. Dabs Framework
  12. Server_Information_Panel
  13. Modular Vest System
  14. Airdrop
  15. Ear-Plugs
  16. Mystery Box

What makes our server so special? Nothing really. It is big, has its own hardware, many mods, and perks to enhance your gameplay. If you have an issue while playing on the server I can promise you will get help and with a smile. Your voice matters too!

If the majority would like a new map then by all means let me know and we can try it out. The point is this server is no BS and you’re free to do your DayZ thing here as you have done elsewhere.

Further, this server is inspired by the DayOne servers. I hope to see some interesting crowds show up.

Major props to streamers: defekt, smoke, & laxhawthorn007! IMHO they are some of the most entertaining, funny & crazy DayZ streamers to watch. I highly recommend you check them out!

In conclusion, If you have feedback and suggestions for me about the server? Let me know in Discord or contact form. -Six

Hi, I'm Jason! (aka Sixara™) I am an Old School GenX Gamer who has been gaming since my first Pong console and the rest was history!
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