Hello, Gamers!

This is a quick update on our first successful month and the current state of Badtown.

The Badtown server has been officially wiped for the first time! We are also experimenting trying a new seed that seems to be pretty popular among other servers. There is more to explore and mostly temperate.

This link provides good data on everything about the current world of Badtown. If you do not want to visit the link then let me provide you with some quick stats provided by just-wiped.net!

Island Size: 1.67 sq. km
Main Monuments: 15
Temperate Biome: 74.80%
Arid Biome: 0.52%
Arctic Biome: 24.68%
Currently used by: 10 servers
Ever used on: 13 servers

We started off with some hick-ups but that is to be expected with a new game world such as Badtown. This RUST server is much different from the ones we had in the past. This one is special.

Badtown is coming along nicely with great weather, beautiful tombstones, I mean gardens, and other great sights to see all around. We still are having trouble finding the current Mayor, Sheriff, City Council, and other important officials. The rumor mill is they have all been shot and buried but I am not 100% sure just yet. If that is the case then we will need to hold elections! If only some great people would step forward.

There is more to come with this narrative and I assure you of that! So, I am going to close by asking you good folks to support the folks over at just-wiped.net. Many thanks to them for providing the cool map set up for everyone to see and use.

Stay tuned for more Badtown Beacon-News. – Six

Map of Badtown

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