Rules for all SixaraTM Gaming communications & interactions

These rules govern my Streams (All Platforms. Twitch, YouTube & others.)

  • Discord Chat
  • Forums
  • Friend Requests
  • Link Directory
  • Game Servers
  • Steam Group
  • Blog Comments

Chat/Forum/Blog Comments/Stream Rules:

  1. Please keep your language clean
  2. No Hate-Speech, Anti-Religious, or Racist comments
  3. No Web links (Stream Chats)
  4. No backseat driving (Meaning, do not tell SixaraTM how to play the game unless asked)
  5. No begging for items (We have giveaways)
  6. No Meta Gaming
  7. Be positive and have fun!

Before adding SixaraTM on Steam please keep the following rules in mind.

Steam Rules:

  1. I do not accept all requests (private profiles, vac bans, etc.)
  2. Your Steam Level does not matter to me, it is who you’re that matters. Meaning, just be you!
  3. Do not beg me for stuff (We will have giveaways)

Link Directory Rules:

We will only accept QUALITY LINKS that represent the Gaming industry!

These links will be rejected:

  1. No content
  2. Hate Speech
  3. Cheats
  4. Hacks
  5. Warez
  6. Racist
  7. Porn
  8. Anti-Religious
  9. Scamming
  10. No Updates
  11. Not relevant to gaming

Creators & Communities:

  1. All Previous Rules Apply
  2. Must Be active
  3. Do not Submit inactive Steam Groups!

Global Game Server Rules:

The following will get you muted or temporarily banned!

  1. Chat harassment of any kind
  2. Racism/hate speech of any kind
  3. Spamming or not speaking English in global chat
  4. Excessive trash talk in public chat. Use /pm instead
  5. Mutes are warnings, get too many of them and you will get a ban!

Doing any of the following will get you PERMA banned!

  1. Hacking or even joking about it
  2. Advertising other game servers
  3. Talking smack to an admin or any SixaraTM Staff
  4. Posting other folk’s personal information
  5. Stream Sniping
  6. Racist or pornographic signs
  7. Having previous bans
  8. Ban evading

Steam Group Rules: (If we decide to open this group)

This Group is governed by the Steam recommended ruleset


If you have any questions about these rules then contact us.

This document was last updated on 3/11/2022