We announce the presence of the Conan Exiles, “Land of Golgotha” server! This server launched in early March of 2022 and has been active since.  I will not bore you with much of the server details other than to give you a light version of LOG. You can check out everything else on the Land of Golgotha web page.

We have the Age of Calamatis installed along with many other great mods that have enhanced the gameplay. These mods are all listed on the Land of Golgotha web page.

“We take pride in the fact that the server is not a carebear type of server.”

The Land of Golgotha is a PVP/RP server for mature adults. We already have a growing community of citizens and many of them! There are many houses, bases, a castle, and our upcoming arena. So if you decide to give us a chance you will have others online to play along with you. The community is laid back. You could make a friend or you could make an enemy and in the end, that is up to you. Again, PVP is allowed but griefing is heavily frowned upon and will be dealt with by the active admins.

We take pride in the fact that the server is not a carebear type of server. We are Old School and do it Old School. If you ask what is Old School? GenX Old School and UO 1997 Old School. You will not get 500 levels from chopping wood here! We want citizens to earn their rank and be known throughout the land as a hero, villain, blacksmith, cook, and more. There is something in the Land of Golgotha for everyone!

The XP multipliers have been tweaked a little and hunger/ thirst is slower but other than that you have an amazing world you could attempt to conquer.

I will also point out that the community votes on major game-breaking changes. The community has a voice on this server and when a big change comes along it is voted upon with a yay or nay in our discord server. The game has so many quests, events, and stuff to do that the community is just the icing on the cake!

“This is not a simple “rent me here” server!”

We are currently building a server-wide public arena. This arena will host PVP matches, NPCvsNPC, and citizens vs the arena NPC bosses. The citizens of the server can look forward to earning cash, unique weapons, loot, and more for participating in arena events.

The Land of Golgotha runs on an amazing main server. We have Dual Intel Xeon E5-2697v3 w/ 2x 1TB NVMe drives, 192GBs ECC DDR4 of memory, and an uplink port of 10G. So we are covered on hardware needs and load. This is not a simple “rent me here” server!

In closing, We would like you to give us a try and see if our world works for you. Join our world, our discord, and become a new member of our community today! 

The Arena

This is the arena from the outside. It is currently under construction and will be finished soon!

Syxx's Base

This is Lord Syxx. Who is not to be confused with SixaraTM. Syxx earned everything you see here on his own. He built this base from the ground up. You could do something like this too!

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