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We continue Kodiak’s adventures of Lemmy within the Fallout four universe.

Before I head into Lexington I want to check out some other stuff to the west a little. Want to know my surroundings a little better prior to heading any further south.

Amazing the number of small camps you come across. I have the feeling there are people everywhere….and I bet they are not all going to be friendly.

Lots of cabins and buildings around here. May as well check everything. Never know what I’ll find.

Score! Well according to the entries in his terminal the owner of this cabin was… let’s say somewhat eccentric. Worth the trip though.

Think I saw something over past this tower. The world may be different but some of the sights are sure enjoyable.

Well…you don’t see that every day, let’s go have a look.

So Blake here and his family are farmers. Seems like a nice guy. Ran into trouble with some Raiders a little east of here and lost one of his own. I passed by the spot earlier but didn’t check it out. Think I may make another pass through there.

While sitting here I see some sort of shipping facility off in the distance. May as well check it out.

A little more west I find a small shack. Figure I may as well take a quick break here and some of my favorite things are just here waiting for me!

HA! Worth dealing with the ghouls.

and yet another find, glad I stopped here. Saw another cabin a little to the north guess I’ll stop in there real fast then head back for a rest.

Oh….well @#$!….

Huh, and old Forrest Service Cabin. Has to be something here that’s worth a look at.

ah nice, always good to learn something new. I’m exhausted, need some rest then I’ll figure out what I’m going to do next.

Lemmy’s adventures continue and this is where we end our chronicling of the story. The rest can be left to the imagination.

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