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This is a guest blog entry written by Kodiak1971. This series is based upon the Legend known as Lemmy in the world of Fallout 4. This is the beginning of the introduction.

I love Fallout 4, I’m not a very good builder but I enjoy most aspects of the game. For my own immersion, I only play in survival mode. One result of not being able to fast travel I find is that you see so much more of the map that you would not see otherwise.

My Character is gruff, doesn’t beat around the bush, and is defiantly no boy scout.

You discover so many small details that for me like lots of games it turns into a photo fest! Also given the amount of interaction with NPC’s and the various factions there is a lot of opportunities for you to use a specific gameplay style that best suits you. I play someone that really is not impressed with what he is seeing in the commonwealth. Everyone either tries to kill you or wants something from you.

My Character is gruff, doesn’t beat around the bush, and is defiantly no boy scout. Meet Lemmy! Yes Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. To me, nothing goes better with the apocalypse than Motorhead. I play with an eye to my surroundings always looking to add to Lemmy’s adventure with a photo, and the hopes of adding a little more to the gameplay story.

Want to meet Kodiak? You can find him in our Discord server or even friend him on Steam.

To be continued

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