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The next few minutes were pure chaos. Seems like these guys were around every corner. Just like the group I encountered getting into the museum, there’s no bargaining, no compromising. It’s a fight to the death with every one of them. This is insane….oh and in the middle of it all, a Deathclaw climbs out of the sewer.

Now I remember reading about these things back when I was in the military. You see WE designed and made the things. Genetically engineered by the U.S. Military for close quarters search and destroy. Apparently, nuclear wars just irritate them. Wonderful no telling how many of these things are running around as they have had the past 200 years to breed. Remind me to have a word with Codsworth about his brilliant idea of going to Concord….

This is the sight I’m greeted with as I go back into the museum. Now to be fair there was some fire from the balcony by Preston but the rest of the group is just sitting around arguing. No wonder these Raider types are running all over. No order, no organization, it’s just mind-blowing that people are aimlessly just existing like this.

So once all the shouting was over everyone decides to head to Sanctuary. Yes, that Sanctuary….the little neighborhood I just came from. I tag along so at least I can claim my own bed. We get there and Sturges has a list of things that they need, and of course, everyone is looking to me. Once everyone is somewhat settled I go looking for Preston again. Just to try and get a little more information about the surrounding area before I take off. (Kinda have my own problems to deal with)

You’re kidding……Ok so here’s the thing. Apparently, Preston is the last of the “Minutemen” and has information on a ton of people that need help in various places around the area. I mean at this point I may as well help him. I’ll be able to get familiar with the area and try and get information from all of these little settlements that need our help.

Oh and by “our” help, I mean ME. Preston will be staying at Sanctuary to look after the group. So I guess it’s off to the first settlement, but first I still need to have a look around Concord and the surrounding area. No telling what I may find.

Where is Lemmy going? Has he made a plan for survival? Does he trust the ones he has met? Answer these questions and more by following Lemmy in upcoming episodes. Lemmy’s Adventures continue.

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