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Lemmy starts out another day continuing to discover this strange life of his in the present. He discovers it might not be so bad as he comes across possible friends and allies. Let’s begin…

As you can tell from my expression, my mood is not improving. Well, may as well go in and get this over with.

What a mess. Is everything like this?

Well, this is the only thing I’ve been glad to see since I came out of the vault.

Concord. Doesn’t look promising so far…and I hear gunfire. Im not in the mood for this…

I managed to fight my way into the Museum of Freedom. This is Preston, he’s hold up inside with a group of people who seem good at hiding and not fighting. Preston himself seems to have walked out of the 1700s and is a self-described Minuteman. Were trying to come up with a plan for getting out of here which so far entails me doing most of the fighting…Great….

Mama Murphy….you can smell the crazy on this lady….oh and nice slippers by the way….no help here…moving on.

Jun Long, this guy has given up and is about completely shut down. Guessing he’s lost, people. Odds are his kids! Very recently to someone, he wasn’t able to fight back against. I’ll cut him some slack…although a little help right now would be nice.

This is Juns wife, Marcy Long. She is mad at the world and everyone else. (Including me and I just got here) She’s stuck leading Jun around and it’s quite possible we’re all about to die so there is that too. It would be nice if she picked up a weapon and directed some of that anger outside but..whatever! ugh.

Well hello there, if there is one thing I enjoy it’s collecting stuff. (If you have ever seen the inside of my apartment you’ll understand) Anyway, I’ll be scooping up a lot of odds and ends. Yes, I’m a hoarder…what else do I have to do for entertainment?

Time to make some dead raiders, then figure out what I’m doing next. Seems like these freaks are everywhere, and I just happen to have some built-up aggression that needs venting….hold my beer…

Lemmy is discovering that when one door is shut then a wide window will open! Finding new friends like Sturges, Mama, Jun, and Marcy brings a strange but much-needed comfort to Lemmy. Stay tuned as the adventure continues….

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