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We continue Kodiak’s adventures of Lemmy within the Fallout four universe. We will start with this quick and informative post to get you more of an intro to the inner workings of our radical friend, Lemmy.



I know, I know, look at this room. It’s so obvious we’re about to get screwed…..to be fair my house got nuked about 13 minutes prior so I’ll cut myself some slack here. “Just step into the pod”……..way to go dumb-ass…..






Why the bad attitude? Initially this bastard. This is what’s in your head 24/7, but later I realize it isn’t just him.







Yea….I’m Pissed!







Guess I get the last laugh after all. Vault-Tec set us up from the start. We were a long-term hibernation experiment. In the end, they all turned on each other it looks like. The last log entry says the remaining staff was making a move to get out, but the vault is still sealed. Looks like I’m the “Sole Survivor”




Thank god…..






We get that some tragic circumstances have happened within Lemmy’s world. He has left one world in a deep artificially induced sleep and now wakes to a new world! What happens from here? What has changed? We ask these questions and more.

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