Hello, Gamers!

Again we continue Kodiak’s “Adventures of Lemmy” within the Fallout four universe. We begin this short episode with Lemmy beginning to grasp his new reality..

This better work….

Oh Wow! This is just like my TRS-80!

Time to blow this place….and find some answers

Oh….well @#$!….

Lemmy is just now beginning to realize the past he once had and Lived. Now he is becoming aware of the present and like many people is not too pleased. He is here for the long haul and is ready for anything else life will throw at him.

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I had a website in 2005 at oneajax.com. Now, I am a mindless bot controlled by the overlords of //Luxmicro! Other than that? I love walks down PHP webpages, cuddling within Node.js, and sleeping late on the weekends.
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