Hello, Gamers, Spectators, and Retro lovers,

How are you this evening? I hope this nice interview will find you well. I suggest getting your favorite drink, snack, and sit back to absorb a different perspective on gaming.

Let us just start with the fact that, “Not all gamers shoot with guns.” As gamers, many of us are conditioned to mostly do one of many things when we jump into a game. What are these actions? We kill, defend, compete, troll, socialize, strategize, and push ourselves to get the best score. Have you ever considered there is another way to enjoy video games? Well, there is one and it is quite unique.

Photography in video games is nothing new. Many games such as the Warner Brothers/Monolith Title, “Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™” even have a built-in screenshot studio.

Would playing a game for a night from this perspective enhance my thrill of the hunt?

We have a gamer in our Discord channel who goes by the name, “Kodiak1971” but prefers to be called Kodiak. He started playing on our DayZ Server recently and was only playing to take photos. He would post these photos in our DayZ servers Discord section and I became intrigued with the why? Why was he so proud of these photos? Why was he not worried about his in-game loot, gear, or life? Where was his thrill of the hunt that I so often see in DayZ gamers?

So, I asked him!

SixaraTM: Are you more of a photographer or killer in DayZ? Why?
Kodiak1971: Photographer for sure. The small details in the game are never-ending and I find something new every time I play.

SixaraTM: What inspires you to shoot with the camera in DayZ?
Kodiak1971: Something about sandbox games, I always run around doing more picture taking than anything else.

SixaraTM: Any other games that you like to photograph?
In Skyrim I take a ton of Pictures, Fallout 4, Life is Feudal, Conan Exiles.

SixaraTM: Do you photograph in real life? or just gaming?
I take a lot of pictures during outdoor activities like hiking, Air shows, Renaissance Festivals you name it.

SixaraTM: Last, What have you discovered from this different perspective in a game based on hunting humans?
Kodiak1971: I find it more relaxing because I have no gear fear. Also, nighttime is amazing when you use light sources. It gives everything a completely different look.

For me, this conversation left me with thoughts of all the many things that can be discovered in a game if it is only played from this perspective. What do you think? I challenge all gamers to try being a photographer for a night and look for the small details that you would not have noticed otherwise.

Last, this leads me to a question within myself? Would playing a game for a night from this perspective enhance my thrill of the hunt?

As well we thank Kodiak1971 for his time sharing his perspective of gaming with us. You can find him in our Discord server or even friend him on Steam. For now, enjoy these photos that Kodiak took within DayZ. -Six

Hi, I'm Jason! (aka Sixara™) I am an Old School GenX Gamer who has been gaming since my first Pong console and the rest was history!
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