Hello, Gamers!

Lemmy is continuing his adventure into a new world. A world that has lost the perfection of the previous… This was not by his choice but by governments who were hungry for war. It seems they did get their wish but at the expense of people like Lemmy. Let’s go!

An old drive-in theater, yea this will do nicely. This is where I’ll start my stash and keep all the goodies I find…..

Well look at this…has to be something here. May as well look around.

Ah! Worth the trip!

SO I did a little work for this guy and made some quick cash. Something I found on a terminal in one of the trailers doesn’t sit well with me though. Going to have to check back here from time to time and make sure Sully doesn’t get out of hand.

Are you kidding me?! This is the “Settlement” that Preston sent me all the way over here for? “Settlement”……hey Preston I think you mispronounced “Shack”

Oh, what a shock…I haven’t had a gun pulled on me in at least five minutes…

Ok, I told Preston I would try and help these people so I probably shouldn’t start shooting…

So turns out I need to head into town and clear out a gang of Raiders….great…. doesn’t everyone line up to help out at once….this gets better by the minute…..OK off to town, but we will make a few side stops along the way to check some stuff out.

The adventure continues!

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