Hello, Gamers!

Welcome back to the continuing story of Lemmy within the Fallout four universe. Let’s get started, shall we?

OK, so we have giant hermit crab-looking things in the sewer. That’s creepy. Have to make this trip worthwhile…wait a minute what have we here? That’s it! Operation Teddy Bear rescue!!! Told you I was a hoarder. Teddy Bears!!!

Oh…more to collect! Hey, it keeps my mind occupied.

Sweet!!! Stuff inside the lunch boxes to collect!!! My hoarding instincts are kicking into overdrive now!

Oh yea, not passing up any of these.

Well worth the trip down here…wait…what did I just step in…..

Out of the sewer and down the road a little. Met a trader along the road, she’s odd…but then who isn’t these days. At least she didn’t shoot at me.

Ok so much for not getting shot at…Some kind of dust-up at a local Diner turned trade post. Oh…that’s a fine-looking belt buckle you have there…

Well, I have another place to trade now. Apparently lots of areas to explore around here, and I still have the people at that settlement to go see. Lots to do.

As always the story continues…

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