Hello, fellow Space Travelers!

Our long-range drone scouts from the Planet Akua recently entered the Planetary orbit of Violet. This planet has an unusual atmosphere of purples, blues and of course Violet! Pentaxium crystals are abundant and twice the size of what we normally see in depths of the lakes on Akua.

The alien menace also has a presence on Violet and is not welcoming to any newcomers or intruders. Our drones also discovered the presence of a human faction on this planet. The Bullet Faction. While we will not reveal the location of their base, the STG faction recognizes their sovereignty in the Outlaw Republic.

Many of you might already be familiar with the Bullet faction run by BulletSlinger. He is a well-known shipbuilder in the Empyrion universe. I encourage you to check out some of his builds in the Steam Workshop.

While our drones scanned the planet, they discovered a crashed TS-Malo class capital ship surrounded by meteorites. It looks as if the meteorites hit the ship so hard that they brought it down from the heavens of space! The crew of the ship were not accounted for and it is not known how long this hulking beast has laid dormant on the surface of Violet. Further scans revealed that the ship has suffered medium damage with its warp drive still intact.

The location of the ship is a few hundred yards from the Bullet faction base. Again, we will not give out that location.

In closing, one of our drone scouts located 2 crashed small vessels in different locations on the moon of Akua. This drone was unable to send back photos as it was destroyed by the alien faction on that moon before it could transmit any more data.

We will soon be sending a strike force to this moon to let the aliens know that we will prevail and that Akua space while friendly is STG territory.

The universe of Empyrion and in our case the,”Outlaw republic” is a harsh one. There are many trials to overcome and many rewards to reap from hard work.

If you have never played in our universe then you’re welcome to join us @

Game On and Stay tuned for more to come…

SixaraTM out!

Crashed TS-Malo on Violet

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