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I have been seeing an alarming amount of folks whose Steam accounts have been hacked. It is understandable that many will panic when this happens.

The first thing to do if this has happened to you is. “be calm” and “breathe.”

So what now?
You can visit the Unofficial Steam Discord’s support section for questions. There are many in chat who are glad to help you with any problem you might have with Steam including a hacked account. Granted they have no control over your account but they can direct you to the official Steam Support that will get your account back to you.

Here are some links below I picked up from the Unofficial Steam Discord to share with you.

Contact Support and begin the process of recovering your account. Steam will require proof of ownership of the account. Please refer to what constitutes “proof of ownership” and have this information available so you can put it into your ticket. Forgetting to include this information will delay your account recovery.


Useful links:


“Remember, if you follow the steps above and stay persistent with Steam support then you will get your account back.”


One scam to avoid is when someone messages you on Steam in urgency to vote for their mother’s brothers cousins team because this would mean the world to them. (old scam but coming back) They appeal to your care and kindness by using social cues. They then give you a link to the website where you can vote. Most of these websites will only allow you to “login via Steam.” Once you log in using Steam then they have your Steam info and take over your account. The best way to avoid this altogether is to NEVER VOTE FOR ANYONE’S TEAM PERIOD!

As well, Never just log into any website via Steam unless you trust the creators behind the site.

I have had a couple of folks try this scam on me in the last couple of months. I told them a polite no. Usually when you say no they immediately unfriend you. Owell!

There are many scams going on right now. Even the “You have been reported and talked to the Steam admin” to not get banned. Which itself is a bunch of bull! Steam support does not go around looking for accounts to ban for the hell of it.

Remember, if you follow the steps above and stay persistent with Steam support then you will get your account back.

Happy New Year 2021 everyone!

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