What’s going on, Gamers?

Just a quick update –

First off, everything has been sorted! The server is up for good!

The ARK server has been moved to our original HOST with much better equipment. It was a last minute decision due to the instability of the 150 slot server. This new Host gave us a good experience last year and we are optimistic it will be the same. We have dropped the player slots to 35 due to feedback from you folks worried about lag. If the need should arise then we will increase the player slots in the future.

The settings on this server have changed.

Current Server Settings: (updated 4/1?2017)
-35 Player slots
-3X XP
-10X Taming Speed
-3X Longer Day
-3X Harvest Amount and Harvest Health
-0.8X Water and Food Drain
-Offline raiding prevention enabled
-Everything else is Default

Number of Mods Installed: 6

Current Mods:

Let me know if what mods you would like to see in the future.

The current Map is: The Island

My apologies to newer players who played on the original server. At least the server was not up very long and if you need help with anything then please let me know! We welcome you to this server and hope it will be a good experience for you.

Game On! -Six

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