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Many of us had fun on the old ARK server last year. So much fun that former players had recently given me the idea to bring the server back! So, I am bringing the ARK server back! I am in the process of getting it configured and running similar to the old server. I will also be adding close to what we had with mods in the past.

The new server has the following stats:


Current Server Settings:
-35 Player slots
10X XP
10X Taming Speed
-3X Longer Day
10X Harvest Amount and Harvest Health
-0.8X Water and Food Drain
-Offline raiding prevention enabled
-Everything else is Default

This server is currently running 6 mods which are: 

Here are some questions I have for former players and new players alike.

  • What other mods would you like to see on the server?
  • Should I update the rule set from the former server?

Give me your feedback on what you would like to see on the server and why.

If you have questions then check the FAQ for more info about the server. If the FAQ does not have the answer you’re looking for then signup on the site and ask in the forums. 🙂

Also, be sure to check out our dedicated page about the server.

Game On! -Six

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