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Today we are talking about Supreme Commander 2. This is a game I have played off and on since it’s release back in 2010. I actually have logged enough hours into this game through the years that I must review my experience for you.

When it was released many gamers at the time were either excited or angry. Angry you ask? The game was looked at as a simplified version of the first SupCom game. The angry gamers felt it was a wasted opportunity considering the graphics were much better than the first game. I personally like this game and did when it was released. It has it’s own style of war and you as the commander get to decide how the war will play out with your army.

You can start the game off by playing the campaign or going straight into a custom instant battle. The campaign to me was boring and only good for the Steam achievements you only get by playing the campaign.

I spent most of my time in instant battles against the A.I. commanders. Instant battles allow you to create a battle on a map of your choosing and against random or hand chosen factions. You can also alter the A.I. commanders level of difficulty for your battle. If you give the A.I. commander the hardest difficulty then I suggest you turn nukes off! Seriously the harder A.I. commanders are in love with nukes and will not stop until they blow you off the map!

The A.I. in this game I thought was really good the harder the difficulty. The harder A.I. commanders are not easy to predict and sometimes can be very random with their method of attack.

“The experimental department is when your battle starts to get even more fun and interesting.”

If you do not like playing against the A.I. you can play against other players. Since this game came out 10 years ago then you will need to find a player usually in the Steam forums to agree to a match with you. This also creates an opportunity for you to make a new friend!

The game play though is fun and can be quite interesting. Usually when you start a game you start building defenses and the buildings to help you research better units of battle, defenses, and more. The experimental department is when your battle starts to get even more fun and interesting. You can build giant robots that literally have death on the brain for your opponent. But be aware that your opponent can build them too and will send them your way. So, really when the battle starts it is a race for who can get the, “big guns” built first.

The company behind The SupCom series known as, “Gas Powered Games” was absorbed by another gaming studio called, “Wargaming Seattle.” When all of this went down then it pretty much put the death nail into any further development for the SupCom series. The irony here is the SupCom series has done well without it’s parent developers.

There is also a mod community that has made many a mod for the game. Some of these mods can change the story line or modify the battlefield etc.

In conclusion there have been many amazing reviews written long before mine. I wanted to share my experience for what I think is a great game for potential new players. It might be 10 years old but it will challenge you and the graphics are really not bad for the games age.

There really hasn’t been a game series out that comes close to the SupCom series. Yes, I know about and have played the Planetary Annihilation series but it does not compare.

Go buy the game today!

Until next time – Game On! – Six out

Hi, I'm Jason! (aka Sixara™) I am an Old School GenX Gamer who has been gaming since my first Pong console and the rest was history!


  • Replayability
  • Nukes!
  • Worth the price
  • Long battles
  • Multiplayer
  • Challenging A.I.


  • Gutted version of SupComFA
  • Boring Campaign
  • Developer Went Under
  • Age
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