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Today we will do a quick review of Retrowave. I was born in the 70s and grew up during the 80s. I am going to be critical of games trying to capture that time period. The price for this game is relatively cheap @ $1.99 on the Steam Store and at first I did not flinch when I picked up a CD-Key.

When I started to play the game it really started to take me back to a time of when cars like K.I.T.T. were considered co-stars. This game took me back! All of a sudden I am thinking of arcades, Miami-Vice, Pink Flamingos, girls with neon earrings, Mullets galore and more!  Laid back and chill.

You are driving a car that you own and must avoid having a wreck. Imagine 80s synth music playing in the background, a gentle rain is falling, and you’re just enjoying the drive.

I feel like I am playing, “a challenging and chill screensaver.”

In the 80s a common thing to do after Church was to go eat and then do a Sunday drive. The driving is so laid back that you literally feel that chill spirit of a Sunday drive.

You can make money in the game. The longer that you go during your drive the more money you will earn. This money can be used to upgrade parts on your car or buy another car completely! The cars are mostly from the time period of the 80s and the developer did an amazing job recreating these models.

I feel like I am playing, “a challenging and chill screensaver.” That is meant to be a compliment but just goes to show how unique the game presents itself.

$1.99 gets you in the driver seat of this game and really the price should be at least $9.99! There are so many junked $40 plus titles games out there and this one comes along at its staggering low price. This just goes to show that you cannot equal quality by price.

I highly recommend you pick this title up today!

Retrowave Trailer

Hi, I'm Jason! (aka Sixara™) I am an Old School GenX Gamer who has been gaming since my first Pong console and the rest was history!


  • Captures the Spirit of the 80s
  • Light PC requirements
  • Art styles are 80s on point
  • Challenging tracks to drive
  • 80s synth music
  • That Arcade feeling


  • Controller support
  • AI of the other drivers
  • Could use more optimization
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