RUST Server Update #4 – FORCED WIPE

The recent update to RUST has caused a forced wipe across all servers. There were 3 houses affected by this and if you are an owner of one of the houses then contact Sixara™ or Murilo. We will restore whatever it is that you lost.  In this update we are planning to convert the server to […]

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RUST Server Update #3

The following mods have been installed on the server: Pets <– You can now have a pet that will also protect you DEATH API (1.0.0) only works for legacy, so it has been removed. VIP / ADMIN – AUTO NAME CHANGER (1.0.0) Altered Configs : RUST:IO BETTERLOOT (1.9.7) – blueprintProbability: 0.25 – This means you now have a […]

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RUST Server Update #2

The RUST server has been fully updated with the following mods: AIRDROP CONTROLLER (1.1.6) CHEATPUNCH CRAFTING CONTROLLER (2.4.3) DEATH API (1.0.0) <– Scheduled for removal ECONOMICS (2.0.3) FRIENDS API (1.2.6) HELPTEXT (1.4.0) MAGE MOTD (1.1) POPUP NOTIFICATIONS (0.0.8) PRIVATE MESSAGING (1.2.5) QUICKSMELT FOR EXP (1.1.0) R-PROD (2.2.1) RULES GUI FOR RUST EXPERIMENTAL (1.4.5) RUST SALT RESOURCING […]

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RUST Server Online

Hello everyone, The RUST server is now online and we are currently adding some mods to enhance your experience. So, right now the server is in a Vanilla status. There will be many reboots and these upgrades will go one for the rest of the week. Thanks, -Six

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