ARK Server: Big Update 2

Hey there, Gamers! The[PVP/PVE][ORP][10xTame][5xGather][3xXP] ARK server has successfully been updated. The details of this latest update are: Updated server from 236.3 to 236.6 Installation of the MOD: ORP – Offline Raid Protection v03.13.16.14 <- (I would like to give thanks to one of our server regulars,”Steven.” for suggesting this mod.) Harvest/Gather X5 Multipliers were adjusted to […]

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Ark Server: Easter Egg

Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun to throw an easter egg on the island and plan to add more in the future. So, there is a house in North Island, near the SixaraTM Gaming compound in Hidden Lake. This house sits by it’s own lake and has some nice gear for the lucky […]

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ARK Server: Update 1

Hey gang, I’m starting to see some cool folks join the server and wanted to say,”Thank you!” This post is only the first of many server updates. Server changes: Player XP changed from 5x to 3x MOD  Terrus Arena v1.3 installed (will allow for great competitions) MOD Tavan’s Trough installed   Uninstalled Terrus Arena, while it looks […]

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The ARK: Survival Evolved Server is here

What is up, gamers? The Ark server has arrived! Everything you need to know is located here. I will repeat some of the info from this thread to get you connected. Here is a quick overview and rundown of the server: [PVP/PVE][10xTame][5xGather][5xXP] Admin tribe is Sixara™ Gaming Server location is Dallas, TX Server is running dedicated […]

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ARK: Survival Evolved Coming to

Okay, everyone. We have the server! I am currently in the process of tweaking, and modding to make this a fun time for everyone. The current preview of what you can expect is: 70 Player slots Server located in Dallas, TX Custom Player Levels and Engram Points (max player level 100+)  Edit: (Vanilla Player levels)  1.0+ Difficulty […]

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RUST SERVER: Final Update

Hey everyone, We tried getting back into RUST, but it has changed. The changes in the game are great, but I am afraid they came too late. Other games like Ark: Survival Evolved have come out and I feel have taken the lead.  I hate we are taking the server down but in a month’s time […]

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RUST Server Update #5 – Maintenance

Hello all, The server is currently down for maintenance and will be back up asap. -Six

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