News from the Outlaw Republic

Hey, Gamers! So the server has been growing and I do mean growing! Last night we had almost nine space travelers who have chosen to call the Outlaw Republic their home. Thank you, everyone, for your support! Last night we had an issue as Akua residents woke up on the Planet Marlow with no base […]

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New ARK Server – Update #3

Hey, Gamers! Some of you expressed to me that you would like the Egg hatching/Mature settings to be updated. In this case, the majority will win and many of you on the server are that majority! So, I will be adding the following settings along with a few others: GlobalSpoilingTimeMultiplier=3.0 GlobalItemDecompositionTimeMultiplier=3.0 EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=10.0  – 10X BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=10.0 […]

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Galactic News from Violet

Hello, fellow Space Travelers! Our long-range drone scouts from the Planet Akua recently entered the Planetary orbit of Violet. This planet has an unusual atmosphere of purples, blues and of course Violet! Pentaxium crystals are abundant and twice the size of what we normally see in depths of the lakes on Akua. The alien menace also [...]
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New ARK Server Update #2

Hello, Gamers! We have had success with the Empyrion server and thank all who play on this server. The Ark server itself has had few players and there is a need for change. Some of the feedback I have been getting is that the stat settings are too easy and that the player slots are [...]
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Galactic News from Akua #2

Hello, fellow Space Travelers! We have found another crashed ship on Akua and what a big one! In the photos below is a crashed medium sized Capital Ship! It looks like most of the ship is still intact and even the warp drive! If anyone should happen to find this ship then it is yours [...]
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Galactic News from Akua

Hello, fellow Space Travelers! We have reports from our recon drone X-21 that wreckage of derelict ships, hovercraft, and an abandoned base have been found on the planet Akua. Due to the STG faction already having pressure within the logistics of our fleet we are offering these findings as first come and first serve to [...]
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New ARK Server Update #1

What’s going on, Gamers? Just a quick update – First off, everything has been sorted! The server is up for good! The ARK server has been moved to our original HOST with much better equipment. It was a last minute decision due to the instability of the 150 slot server. This new Host gave us a […]

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