About us

We are a guild of mature gamers who have banded together to seek out two things we are all passionate about: fun and gaming. We believe that online gaming doesn’t have to be solely about the game or the uber loot. We believe that part of the allure comes in the camaraderie and social interaction one can only find in a group of like-minded individuals.
While playing DDO’s beta, it was quickly decided that a more mature group of gamers is what was missing in the MMO world. It was thought that it would be nice to have a group of peers to enjoy the game with. Peers that were of the same mind set. We are not hardcore raiders and we are not power grinders. We believe in the journey, not the destination.
In OTG you will find a community of mature gaming fans looking to have some fun and enjoy an escape from daily life. Most of us have family and work obligations. Some of us have kids that are older than what many consider to be the “typical gamer.” Our roster ranges from students to graduates, mothers, and fathers to yes even grandparents (and a few great grandparents) all brought together to unite in one common goal that has become our motto:

Laid back, not too serious, no drama…all about the fun!

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