What are mods?

A “mod” (short for “modification”) is a fan-made alteration to a game that allows it to look and act different than the original. In the case of FTL, the community has created a number of mods, ranging from redesigns of the game’s art all the way to mods that make brand-new campaigns and gameplay modes.

Are Mods Safe?

Mods are not official patches. They are not developed, published, or maintained by any development team members, and as such, we cannot guarantee their stability nor are we responsible for any content we did not create ourselves.

Featured Mods

FTL: Hyperspace

Hyperspace is an FTL hard-coded modding API. It’s installed separately and provides many new features for mod makers to utilize that are not possible in conventional modding. Hyperspace only works on FTL 1.6.9 currently but includes a .bat file to automatically downgrade your game and install the hyperspace files.

Arsenal+ (English Translation)

Arsenal+ is a complete overhaul mod, adding new equipment, sectors, factions, ships, and more. Originally Russian-only, translation work was completed by Mr_Easy_Money, and the original version can be found on

FTL: Multiverse

Multiverse was originally intended to be a small weapon/drone and ship pack, but a need for lore to connect the new factions and a growing dev team lead to larger ambitions, and eventually Multiverse bloomed into a full overhaul project. A large portion of assets from PC are recycled, many with improvements, but code wise the mod has been made completely from scratch.

Vicious Vessels

Vicious Vessels is a modification that adds new enemy ships. Complete with new hull images, gib animations, custom ship classes based on new hull designs and new ship lists used in some events. Also includes various balance changes to vanilla ships.

FTL Captain’s Edition

Arriving at the beacon, you discover a whole new, extended, balanced, and lore-friendly FTL experience. Fight space stations of the different factions. Use dozen of new weapons and see various new enemy classes using them against you. Make decisions in new events and follow immersive new quest lines. Escape the Rebel fleet in a harsher, but richer galaxy.

Extended Pursuit Indicator

This collection of mods enables users to add between 2 and 24 more levels to the Rebel pursuit indicator on the sector map screen, allowing you to gauge easier how far the fleet will advance after a certain amount of jumps and if it will overtake a certain beacon.

Descent into Darkness

Descent into Darkness is a complete overhaul modification for FTL. You do not start with a single ship loadout and play the game regularly. Instead, you are given a barebones ship hull and pick your starting gear, crew, augments, everything.

Better Planet and Backgrounds

This mod replaces all of the existing planets and backgrounds and adds a lot more.

Disable Rebel Pursuit – Advanced Edition 2.0

Hosted on NexusMods.
The rebels can no longer chase you throughout endless space, — however — they will be waiting for you in the final sector — so be prepared.

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