Just Cause 3

Should I buy Just Cause 3? That is the question I often get on Steam. Yes, it is worth picking up. The game is beautiful. even more beautiful than Just Cause 2. Flying over mountains, roads, enemy bases and the fields feel real. I have not finished the game yet but I am at the end of the story. Everything written here is just my opinion of the game.

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Just Cause 2

am not one to give “detailed” reviews, instead, I give an opinion based on my experience. I have enjoyed this game off and on for the last two years. The scenery is amazing, I mean really amazing! When you’re at the equivalent of 25,000 feet altitude, the scenery, is similar to real life and gorgeous!

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Dungeon of the Endless™

I have been watching many of the 8-bit type games appearing on Steam. I have picked up a few like Steam Marines and then I met Dungeon of the Endless™. The story starts as soon as you pick your characters. You’re limited to a pick of 2 slots but if you can survive in the dungeons then you will have the option to recruit 2 more characters for a party of 4.

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Planetary Annihilation

Hello Gamers, My background in this area is the Supreme Commander series and it was this alone that encouraged me to try out the game. Like Supcom the war is there, the crazy engineering of weird devices, and a whole lot more. The ability to blow up planets is insanely fun in the sense of, “I know […]

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