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This is a quick review for those of you that might be interested in a really fun game that is also light on the pocketbook. This game is called Blasted Road Terror. I was originally contacted by the developer to look over his game and give my humble opinion. Well, after playing this game for a little while I was able to grab the feeling for the style and fun.

Here is the rundown of the game from the Steam Store Website:

Blasted Road Terror is real-time tactical looter in a post-apocalyptic setting. Command a mighty warcrawler and manage a squadron of vehicles in order to get unseen riches of the world and reach immortal glory. You will collect mighty artifacts during your journey, enlarge your vehicle fleet, rebuild your home base, make new friends and discover terrible enemies.

What to expect?

  • Small-scale RTS like tactical combat.
  • 5 – 10 minutes long missions or 30 minutes long adventures (Patrols) – the choice is yours.
  • 5 mission types, each with unique needs for group composition and tactics.
  • Interceptor/Marauder/Attack vehicle – classes. All with its specific traits and passive abilities.
  • Tons of weapons and accessories, all with its purpose and specific way to use.
  • NPC factions to gain reputations with and obtain unique rewards.
  • Permanent main vehicle and base upgrades.
  • 3 environments to explore – Wasteland/Highland/Tundra – all with its unique set of enemies.
  • Working Day/Night cycle with weather system to enrich your visual experience.

After playing this game myself, I can say this is pretty much what this game is trying to convey. It’s like playing a 2-D version of Mad-Max with a light XCOM 2 management system. But, do not despair about how difficult this game can at the beginning. There is a really nice and playable tutorial system that the game throws you into before you go solo. As with any game, I highly advise you to play this tutorial first before going any further.

Game Play:

There is a lot to do in this game. A lot of micromanagement and fighting to succeed in moving forward to the end game goal. The dev has told me considering this is still Early Access that he is continually working on updates. He has even made known that a bigger update is on the way soon that will add even more to what I feel is already a great game.


The graphics are really amazing for 2-D play and take me back to playing arcades in the 80s. The whole game has a familiar feel to the Bally Midway 1983 arcade, “Spyhunter.” That is major bonus points for me as I spent a ton of quarters on that game back in the day.


The soundtrack is really good and feels very aligned with what you’re doing on the screen.

Input Control:

My Steam Controller could make some of the game work and I feel like with a custom controller config that I could get it to work all of the game. In this case, I opted for the Keyboard/Mouse combo and found that to work even better. Example usage is clicking the area you want your vehicles to go or on the enemies to attack.

Overall, this game has a great dev (Tryzna) working behind the scenes to bring you a lot of fun for the price. There is also a community of fans and players who look to be enjoying the game as well.

You can buy and find out more about the game at the following links:

Remember, this is an early access title and the game will change even more in the future.


Hi, I'm Jason! (aka Sixara™) I am an Old School GenX Gamer who has been gaming since my first Pong console and the rest was history!


  • The ability to tweak almost everything in your fleet
  • You can upgrade your base of operations as well your fleet
  • The ability to buy new vehicles, gear, weapons and more from the black market
  • Pick and choose your missions that also display the reward you will receive
  • Great Soundtrack
  • Price!!


  • Missing letter to a word used in a phrase while in the garage
  • Enemies hit really hard
  • More info needed about what kind of ammo to take on the road before leaving the garage
  • Not much of a story but more a "Kill/Defend/Assassinate A and earn xx amount" type of missions
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