Hey, Gamers!

We have a new page live and dedicated to the ARK Server. You can visit this page here. This page gives you all the info you need to know about the politics, rules, settings, mods and how to support us. I hope you will find this page helpful while playing on the server. We have put a lot of time in promoting the server and thank many of you for your efforts.

I would like to personally thank Ebola420 and Shadow448 for voting and helping the server’s rank.

One more thing, it is time to add new mods once again and I would like your input on what you would like to see installed. Let me know your ideas. 🙂

Game on! -Six

Hi, I'm Jason! (aka Sixara™) I am an Old School GenX Gamer who has been gaming since my first Pong console and the rest was history!
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