Okay, everyone. We have the server! I am currently in the process of tweaking, and modding to make this a fun time for everyone.

The current preview of what you can expect is:

  • 70 Player slots
  • Server located in Dallas, TX
  • Custom Player Levels and Engram Points (max player level 100+)  Edit: (Vanilla Player levels) 
  • 1.0+ Difficulty (dinosaurs spawn between level 4 and 120+)
  • 5X XP
  • 1.2X Dino Count
  • 10X Taming Speed
  • 3X Longer Day
  • 5X Harvest Amount and Harvest Health
  • 0.8X Player Water and Food Drain
  • 2.5X Crop Growth
  • 2.5X Mating
  • 10X Egg Hatching
  • 15X Baby Maturing
  • PVP
  • Battleye is enabled

The game server page will be updated with the info and rules soon.

Game on! -Six

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