Hey gang,

I’m starting to see some cool folks join the server and wanted to say,”Thank you!” This post is only the first of many server updates.

Server changes:


Uninstalled Terrus Arena, while it looks nice, the arena hovering in the air with no way for the low level player to join a match did not work for me. So, we are still deciding on an arena. There will be an update soon.

We already have a list of mods and will be installing them over time.  It is going to be a fun server for all! One of the mods we will be installing next is,”PvP Safe Zones.” This mod will be available to all players who request protection for their base.

UPDATED: I spoke with some players on the server about the pvp safe zone. Steven, suggested adding more health to the buildings rather than pvp safe zones. I have to agree! This will keep the environment real. This adjustment will be made in update 2 soon.

I will also be adding a dedicated ARK server page on the website soon. The current game servers page is good, but gives more of a generalized overview.

Game on! -Six

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